2020 - The Power of Persistence

2020 - The Power of Persistence

The AFREA Celebrates 50 years of Incorporation in 2020

The Power of Persistence 

The Alberta Union of REAs was formed in 1950 and as the Alberta Union of Rural Electrification Associations Co-operative Limited it was incorporated under the Co-operative Associations Act in June 1970. In June 1987, it was registered as the Alberta Federation of REAs Ltd. The AFREA is a not-for-profit association registered in the Province of Alberta operating under the Rural Utilities Act. The association is managed by an elected Board of Directors and is funded by its membership.

We are here because you gave us cause to represent rural electrification. From its glorious inception to today’s dynamic state – we fight for you because without you, we are no longer necessary. The tenacity of the farmer installing power to his rural community in the late 1940s is the foundation upon which we were built. As the saying goes – even water can cut through rock if it’s persistent. So, we persist.

As early as 1950, REA directors recognized a need for representation at the provincial level. The AFREA was formed on the premise of representation and continues to provide professional leadership on behalf of our members.

We celebrate 50 years of incorporation in 2020.

Another AGM & Conference is in the history books. Thank you our presenters, speakers, sponsors, and trade booth participants for supporting our event with your amazing words, displays, and donations. We would especially like to thank our members - we hope you received value from your attendance at this year's conference and we look forward to connecting with you throughout the year.

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“A river cuts through a rock not because of its power

but its persistence.”

~James N. Watkins, Author


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WE look forward to seeing you at the 2021 AGM & Conference - February 3 & 4 at Fantasyland Hotel in Edmonton.