Duffield REA Ltd.

Duffield REA Ltd.

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Established in 1951 the Duffield REA has been providing power to rural parkland county for 65 years. We are a member owned co-op and operate under a not-for-profit cooperative business model that focuses on providing our members "at cost" power services.

Celebrating 65 years

On April 24th 1951, members of the community gathered at White Whale School to discuss the formation of a Rural Electrification Cooperative for the Duffield, Rose Valley, Keephills, Woodland, Highvale, Carvel, Mewassin, Hansen’s Corner, Brightbank, and Smithfield communities. A motion that night was the beginning of the Duffield REA, as it is known today. On October 5th 1951, the REA was incorporated and, 65 years later, Duffield REA still going strong. Watch for celebrations this year.

Celebrating 65 years bringing rural power to the Duffield REA community.


Duffield REA is a member of the AFREA. 

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