The Co-operators Member Benefits Program

The Co-operators Member Benefits Program

Co-operators and the AFREA - partnered to bring you benefits

Exclusive insurance coverages and savings for AFREA members/employees

As a member/employee of the AFREA, we have worked together with The Co-operators to bring you access to a special Member Benefits Program. Please review the exclusive insurance coverages and savings available to you. To learn more, contact The Co-operators directly and identify yourself as an AFREA member/employee.

Why The Co-operators is right for you.

Our commitment to personalized service, together with the most recognized insurance brand in Canada, makes The Co-operators a clear choice for your insurance needs.

Why choose The Co-operators?

The Co-operators has over 65 years of history as a co-operative. Our focus extends beyond increasing profits and share values, to a concern for satisfying the needs of our clients, Member-Owners, staff members and communities. We are pleased to provide the AFREA members/employees with exclusive coverages and savings including:

The AFREA is pleased to partner with The Co-operators to give members access to exclusive insurance coverage and savings including:

  • Discounted Travel Insurance - Members can purchase travel medical insurance plans and receive a 10% discount. There is no age limit and coverage is available worldwide 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • Service Fee Savings –Waiver of service fees on auto insurance for members paying by pre-authorized debit from a bank account.
  • Enhanced Farm Insurance Coverage– Available on Co-operators farm insurance policies, this benefit gives you 30 additional coverage options and increased policy limits. This additional protection is valued at $300, but is available for a cost of approximately $50.
  • Enhanced Home Insurance Coverage– Claims Forgiveness, and availability of Enviroguard and Better Limits for Members home insurance endorsements.
  • Farm and Home Member Discount – This discount is applied on new and renewing Co-operators farm and home insurance policies.  There are two parts to this discount, a base amount that everyone gets, and an additional amount when member group claims experience has been favourable.

Contact your local Co-operators Financial Advisor today to learn more, or visit

Group benefit plans underwritten by Co-operators Life Insurance Company.

Travel insurance is administered by TIC Travel Insurance Coordinators Ltd., underwritten by companies within member companies of The Co-operators Group Limited.

The Co-operators has offered insurance plans to Canadian organizations for more than 65 years and is a leading Canadian owned, multi-product insurance company. Their commitment to personalized service, together with the most recognized insurance brand in Canada, makes The Co-operators a clear choice for our members’ insurance needs. The Co-operators is proud of its cooperative heritage and is committed to the collaborative and mutually beneficial relationships shared with the AFREA and other cooperatives.