A Message from the AFREA

A Message from the AFREA

All the best from the AFREA for 2019!

We wish you all the best in the coming year.

Here's to a year of peace and prosperity, health and happiness. The AFREA continues to advocate for our members by asking the government to review outdated legislation. Exclusive service areas are a necessity for REA survival. Keep in mind when shopping local, support for small businesses, especially cooperatives, brings sustainability and longevity to the community they serve. Member-owned cooperative businesses in Alberta, to name a few,  include:

  • Rural Electrification Associations/Co-ops
  • Rural gas and water co-ops
  • Servus Credit Union

Did you know: Rural Electrification Associations in Canada are only found in Alberta?

Some of our co-op members are celebrating 70 years in 2019! That's a huge accomplishment and we wish them many more. Watch for more information on anniversaries in the future.