AFREA Response to COVID-19

AFREA Response to COVID-19

Update: Spring 2022 >>> with most of the mandates and recommendations being lifted in Alberta, the work from home directive lapsed, too. Staff returned to the office with most still remaining vigilant by wearing masks in some public places for personal reasons. We hope the current condition remains steady with no incidences of infection in the workplace. Armed with the knowledge about how our Business Continuity Management Plan worked, the AFREA is able to move confidently ahead knowing we are able to continue business as usual despite not being in the physical office. Over the last two years, the AFREA spent a majority of the time working from home and were able to maintain job efficiency and effectiveness. We hosted two years of meetings (annual general meeting, one summer session, and fall district meetings) using alternative methods including tele-conferencing and, in the second year, via the Zoom online video platform. Staff meetings (weekly) and board meetings (monthly) were also held via these alternative options. Programs and any other required documents were mailed to directors / members, or emailed and/or posted to our internal website.  
Update: January 1, 2022 - The AFREA remained in work from home status through the New Year due to the increase in the number of cases and spread of the virus.

Update: December 15, 2021 - Although the State of Health Emergency lapsed in Alberta the mandates in place for combatting transmission of the now emerging Omicron Variant remain as they were with minor adjustments only to indoor private gatherings. AFREA staff remain working from home and through the holidays are either on vacation or off with days in lieu for statutory holidays falling on weekends. The need for businesses to remain vigilant is increased due to the highly transmissable new variant. Federation Center protocols are still in place with requirements for double vacination proof before access is allowed. Masking remains in place in the public areas of the workplace. Federation Center will be closed for the holidays from the afternoon of December 24th until the morning of January 4th, 2022. We continue to do our part to keep our workplace safe and healthy. Have a safe and healthy holiday season.
Update - September 7, 2021 - Amidst the 4th wave of COVID-19 driven by the highly contagious Delta Variant, the AFREA implemented its Work from Home Plan again in order to keep our staff and resources safe & healthy. The return to business over the summer was operated with caution and within safety protocols, but the growing number of cases in our community and the recommendation for 'work from home' from the government prompted the AFREA to take further precaution beyond the required masking.
Please call our offices if you intend to visit to ensure someone is there. An appointment is recommended and masking is required in our workplace. The AFREA will be following the example of other large businesses, by considering a vacination requirement policies to allow access and keep our workplace COVID-19-free.

Update - July 5, 2021 - With the government declaring the province "open for business" and recalling all mandatory health orders, the AFREA staff have returned to their offices. Although the AFREA considered it necessary to still exercise some caution, there was a gradual return to business as usual.
The Federation Centre transitioned through the opening to lift mandatory indoor mask wearing although it is recommended on an individual basis, should workers choose to continue to wear them. With individual work stations and offices, the workers in the building can maintain social distancing, as necessary, during work hours. The building is still locked to walk-in traffic but visitors are welcome with appointments. 
We thank our staff for their diligence and dedication to their job responsibilities while on Work from Home status over the past year+. Although we returned last year for a short period, the majority of the pandemic has been under the AFREA Work from Home Strategy, a component of our Business Continuity Management Plan and the Business Managment System. We hope, as many do, that with vaccines and decreasing numbers we can continue to return to somewhat "the way things were." 
Update - June 10, 2021 - With the province announcing movement into Stage 2 due to declining numbers of cases and increasing uptake in vaccines, the Work From Home mandate is lifted but still recommended if an organization is able to do so. The AFREA will continue to work from home until after the July stat holiday giving our staff the two weeks required to allow for protection from second shots of vaccine.
Update - May 28, 2021 - The AFREA is monitoring the announcements by the Alberta Government and Alberta Health Services with regard to restrictions and COVID-19 mandates. The Government's push to be "Open for Summer" sees the Work from Home mandate lifted in the upcoming Stage 2 (approximately mid-June) although they still recommend working from home if that is a possibility for an organization. The CEO and Staff continue to connect at the weekly Zoom staff meeting and through phone calls, emails, and text. Members can continue to contact us via usual methods of phone and email as needed. Stay safe and remain healthy.

Update: April 22, 2021 - AFREA Work from Home continues in order to keep our staff safe. Being moved back to Step 1 as a province means that conditions are not favourable for a full-on return to the workplace, especially if you can work from home and do the job required. Our staff is backed by a supportive CEO and an efficient system of IT support, HR policies, and a Buisiness Continuity Management Plan already in place to sustain and embrace such extreme workplace measures. In 2009, the Disaster Resource Management Plan was put in place under our Business Management System. At that time, threat of the H1N1 virus / pandemic prepared us for the inevitable return of another deadly health threat. Revisions to incorporate necessary updates in 2020 evolved that plan to the newly revamped Business Continuity Management Plan, which includes the Work from Home Strategy. The AFREA continues to provide quality administrative and efficient member services with health and safety the first priority. 

Update: March 26, 2021 - in consideration for advisoires under current conditions, AFREA employees continue to work from home. Alberta Health Services did not recommend moving to Step 3 on March 18th, which will delay further steps. With cases rising we may see another extended period of work from home strategies with the AFREA. 

Update: January 11, 2021 - no change to Work From Home status as mandates recommending those who can work from home to do so fall under Step 4 of the Alberta Plan to move forward. Employees of the AFREA will continue to do their job remotely. 

Update: January 4, 2021 - with continued health measures in place, the staff of the AFREA continue to work from home. This is in effect until January 11th, depending upon the direction and recommendations from the Chief Health Officer and Alberta Health Services.

Update: December 9, 2020 - New mandatory health measures go into effect immediately to protect lives.

The Alberta Government has implemented stricter orders to help curb the exponential growth of cases in the province. Mandatory Work from Home orders have been issued. With the AFREA staff already in place under its own Work from Home Strategy, the AFREA can provide its services remotely to our members.  

Update: November 24, 2020 - The Province is under a Health Emergency Order. Effective immediately, mandatory restrictions on places of worship, businesses and services are in effect in areas under enhanced status. These measures will be in place until further notice.

Update: November 19, 2020 - The AFREA team is working from home given the situation and the ability of our workplace to do our small part to health prevent the spread of COVID-19. 

  • Federation Center is now locked to outside traffic. 
  • Please ensure you have an appointment before arriving at the building. 
  • Temperature checks and health questionnaires are in place to ensure no one who is ill or exhibiting COVID-19 symptions is allowed access to the building. 

Update: November 16, 2020 - Safety protocols apply to Federation Center

Sadly, it appears that any good Albertans did through the beginning of this pandemic (first wave) has been undone through relaxing restrictions and even carelessness due to pandemic fatigue. The AFREA offices continue to abide by whatever protocols we can to keep our employees and their families safe and well. Federation Center implemented overall measures for the building and we hope that will keep the threat from entering our workplace.

The Alberta Government introduced new measures on Thursday, November 12 in an effort to address the increasing numbers. New measures to curb the rapid growth of COVID-19: Targeted health measures will take effect on November 13 to curb the rapid growth of COVID-19 in Alberta and protect the health system.

FEDERATION CENTER: COVID-19 office safety protocols:

  • All staff, directors, visitors, and contractors at the Federation Center offices must wear a mask in all common areas of the building.
  • Please use the hand sanitizer provided at the main entrance.
  • Restricted to one person at a time in the washrooms.
  • Any visitor to the new Federation Center must arrange an appointment.
  • Check-in at the front desk to meet with the person you are there to see.
  • Sign in and you will be asked to complete a health questionnaire.
  • If you are not feeling well, please stay home - access will be denied to anyone who exhibits or answers yes to illness or COVID-19-like symptoms.
  • Any employees or contractors who are ill are required to stay home and Fitness for Duty | Return to Work policies will apply.
  • The AFREA may implement its Work at Home Strategy to limit employee contact.

Please contact the AFREA if you have any questions or concerns. We are here to help.

UPDATE: October 14, 2020: The following safety protocols are in effect at the Federation Center offices: 

  • All visitors must check in at the front  desk and be met by the person they are meeting
  • All visitors must answer a preliminary application regarding health symptoms, exposuure, etc. 
  • All visitors exhibiting symptoms / illness or answering "yes" to any health questions will be refused access to our offices. 
  • All employees at the Federtion Center must wear masks when not at their desk or in their office. 

These and other safety measures are in place to protect the health and wellness of our employees, visitors,  and contractors. In response to the increase in case numbers, we take these protocols serioiusly. Thank you for your understanding and support.

UPDATE: July 3, 2020: Effective June 22, AFREA CEO and Staff returned to the Federation offices. 

Necessary protocols are in place to ensure the health & safety of anyone in the building. At this time, the building is still closed to walk-in traffic and any visitors to the AFREA are asked to ensure they have an appointment with whomever they are there to meet. Visitors will be asked to sign in and answer a questionnaire regarding their health. Please note that any positive answers will mean refused entry. Please stay home if you are not feeling well. Employees are required to do the same to reduce the possibility of virus spread. Masks are optional within the work environment because we can effectively social distance on the premises. The use of hand sanitizer, frequent handwashing, and other health actions are required in order to comply with Return to Work protocols. 


What does that mean? Staff will be working from home until further notice. We ask that visitors to our office contact us via email or through the web site contact us form. Messages will be forwarded to the necessary recipient and you will be contacted as soon as possible. Do not visit our office. Meetings will be done using tele-communication protocols. We are taking the CORVID-19 pandemic seriously and are providing safe, calm measures to implement business continuity. If you have any questions, please contact us via email. We will be happy to connect with you virtually. Please get your information from reliable sources and follow recommendations to mitigate the risk to our community and province.


For current details on the situation in Alberta check out the Government of Alberta website for Covid-19 Information for Albertans. Be sure to get your news from reliable sources.


The AFREA is establishing a planned and responsible response to the unfolding nature of the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic. Our Disaster Resource Management Plan (established in 2009 during the H1N1 pandemic) outlines our business continuity plan, which focuses on mitigating risk to the organization and its resources - human, financial, and reputation. Our main priority is the safety, health and well-being, and support of our staff, board of directors, members, and our community.

  • Plans are in place for staff to work from home when necessary in order to keep the Federation office services running.
  • Alternate meeting plans are in place for board meetings via tele-conferencing to limit face-to-face interactions. 
  • Staff and board are not attending large events - many events have already been cancelled or postponed. 
  • Any staff or board travelling or returning from outside the country will be on self-imposed quarantine for the 14-day period even if not displaying immediate symptoms.
  • Anyone who is ill, please stay home. 
  • If you have any questions or concerns, please get your information from official resources such as directly from Alberta Health or the Government web sites. 
  • If you experience sypmtoms of the virus, please call 811 and follow instructions.