The Rural Electric Program began in 1947. It is a cost-sharing program, which helps defray the high cost of electrical service to farmers.

The Rural Electric Program assists farmers to access a basic, essential service at a reasonable cost and aids in the diversification of our rural economy. It also provides partial equity with other Albertans living in urban areas as well as those living in other western provinces that benefit from lower hook-up costs and power rates sponsored by their provincial governments through Crown corporations.

Grant assistance is provided to Alberta farmers through the Alberta Federation of REAs (AFREA). You can reach the AFREA Program Coordinator, Gillian White, by email to or via her direct line at 780-416-3366 during office hours.

Where individuals are not the registered owner of the property to which the service is installed, a written document setting out their interest in the property (ie: rental/lease or purchase agreement) is required. Grants can be advanced up to a year from when the service is completed.

December  2018 -All Rural Electrification Associations

Important Notice: Rural Electric Grant Program

Funding under the Program continues to be available for the reimbursement of costs related to eligible projects for applicants who are actively farming.

To keep the application process more efficient for the producer a declaration has been incorporated into the application similarly to other Program grant applications.

Applicants are declaring they are farming and the service is an eligible project for a grant under the Program in that it’s being used directly in conjunction with their farming operation. Providing the specific use of service supports their declaration.

A certain percentage of signed declarations will be selected randomly for validation on an annual going-forward basis.

Please note that grant funding is, at all times, contingent upon the Government of Alberta’s continued support of the Program.

For additional information or clarification please contact Gillian White at 780-416-3366 or

The AFREA Head Office is located in Sherwood Park AB. We can be reached by:

  • Phone: 780-417-3396 Monday to Friday from 7:30 am - 4:30 pm
  • Toll free: 1(877) 717-3496 (in Alberta only)
  • Fax: 780-417-3398
  • General email:
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