AFREA 2023 AGM & Conference

AFREA 2023 AGM & Conference

"Embracing Change – The Future for Power Distribution Co-ops"

AFREA 2023 AGM & Conference

Change before you have to.”      ~Jack Welch

AGM Theme image conceptWe can honestly say REAs know a bit about change. Over the years, power distribution co-ops have had to weather the electrical industry storm, riding out the turbulence of revolving government initiatives, increasing industry standards, and restrictive legislative boundaries. While REAs have made it this far, it is not yet the best climate for REAs. In order to be successful, in order to have a sustainable future, in order to compete in a dynamic and often volatile market, power distribution co-oops require revision to antiquated legislation.

The AFREA continues to advocate for conditions that support a successful and sustainable future for REAs in the rural Alberta economy. Grid modernization will impact all industry players and REAs are intent on providing reliable, affordable, and effective power distribution systems. We have grown up with change, we continue to make changes needed to compete, and we will embrace change to remain a vital part of rural Alberta’s future.

The AFREA Board of Directors and Staff welcome you to the 2023 Annual General Meeting and Conference on February 8th and 9th, 2023, at the Double Tree West Edmonton. Members - see the brochure below for conference and meeting information and prices. 

If you are interested in a trade table or display booth, please contact our office at the Federation Centre, care of Gillian White, AGM Project Coordinator - email 


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