Work Healthy - info and links

Work Healthy - info and links

Working Healthy

Mental Illness and the Work Place: Mental health issues are likely to affect your workplace at some point – if they haven't already – making it important to develop both an awareness and sensitivity around mental illness.

Click here for a copy of the Spring 2014 - Healthy Working Newsletter  (Shepell-fgi AUMA/AMSC)

For Health and News Releases from Alberta Health Services, click here

Alberta Health Services WEB SITE has all the current and up to date health information you need. 

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   Trusted answers from The Hospital for Sick Children                

check out their web site HERE  - get answers for your kid's

There is always a need to practice due diligence and continue to take precautions in preventing the spread of germs - continue to promote personal and social protocols that emphasize hygienic habits that prevent the spread of diseases and germs. An organization must have a continuity plan to address situations that may arise during any emergency situation. Employers should consider: providing support by way of modified benefit plans or special benefits for employees who become sick or have to miss work to attend to family; employer endorsed and implemented work-at-home options; communications back-up plans; modified business plans to include only critical or vital services; resource allocation plans to assist other associated organizations.

It's not just up to one person or organization - a system of healthy, prepared communities can continue to operate with planning and cooperation during any emergency situation. 

May 2011 - Currently there are no pandemics or infectious outbreaks affecting us in this part of the world. The following posts are continued here for your information purposes.

  Employer information on planning HR policies and procedures following minimum standards and O H & S codes in Alberta

Additional employer information for planning - H1N1 - 8 steps to mitigate the threat

FluWatch Site posted by the Public Health Agency of Canada provides information for medical personel and anyone interested in watching the stats. Click here for site.

For further information from the World Health Organization (WHO) click here - their web site provides worldwide activity on all health concerns at a global level.

Other Health Information Links and Web Sites:

Government of Alberta - Health & Wellness click here

Health Canada - click here