Protecting What's Valuable

Protecting What's Valuable

Protecting What's Valuable - history in the making

            Protecting What's Valuable - REAs today

Rural Electrification Associations (REAs) are unique in Canada to Alberta, providing electricity to farms and rural residential member-owners. In the late 1940s, early 1950s, farmers organized REA cooperatives to bring electricity to the rural areas when Investor Owned Utilities (IOUs) refused because it was too costly. Today, REA assets have gained value, REAs are viable competitors, and now IOUs see the value of an REA. Let’s consider that value and its importance to the rural economy of Alberta.

What makes your REA valuable? 

  • You own the assets of a multi-million dollar cooperative.
  • You have democratic member control of your REA.     
  • You benefit from economic participation.                 
  • REAs are a benchmark for electricity costs for all Albertans.
  • You contribute to rural economic sustainability.

How can I get involved with my REA?     

  • Call your REA—the number will be on your monthly bill
  • Find the contact information for the Director who represents you
  • Talk to your Director about why the REA is a viable and valuable cooperative
  • Attend your REA meetings and take time to learn more about the organization
  • Volunteer your expertise and skills to support your REA
  • Tell your friends, family, and neighbours why you think the REA is valuable and worth protecting
  • Call your MLA and tell them why the REA is valuable to Alberta

If you have a passion for your community and are interested in finding out more, talk to your REA. Have you got time to spare? Ask your Board of Directors how you can be part of the REA future. Cooperative sustainability depends on continued support by passionate members who recognize the value of the REA and see the continued contribution the REA makes to the rural community where they live. Your support helps perpetuate the REA’s growth and value.

You can help direct the future of the REA.

Talk to your REA Board – working together really does work!

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