Who We Are

Who We Are


 Dan Astner 2016   Dan Astner        President

Dan Astner represents District 3 on the AFREA Board as District Director for member Battle River REA. Dan is the president of Battle River Power Coop. 

Dino Wylie 2016
    Dino Wylie                         1stVice-President        

Dino Wylie represents District 4 on the AFREA Board as District Director for members Drayton Valley, Lindale, and Tomahawk REA. Dino is president of Lindale REA.

Charles Newell 2016

         Charles Newell            2ndVice-President

Charles Newell represents District 6 on the AFREA Board as District Director for member North Parkland Power REA. Charles is the president of the North Parkland REA board. 

Wayne Meyers 2016

Wayne Meyers

Wayne Meyers represents District 7 on the AFREA Board as District Director for member REAs Ermineskin and West Liberty. Wayne is a director on the West Liberty REA board.

Bob Bryant

   Bob Bryant   

Bob Bryant represents District 1 on the AFREA Board as District Director for member Blue Mountain Power Co-op (Rocky REA). He is a director on the Blue Mountain Power Co-op board.

Dannie Fischer 2016

Dannie Fischer

Dannie Fischer represents District 5 on the AFREA Board as District Director for member REAs Duffield, Mayerthorpe & District, Niton, and Stony Plain. Dannie is the president of Mayerthorpe & District REA.

Ed Pimm 2016

Ed Pimm

Ed Pimm represents District 11 on the AFREA Board as District Director for member REAs Heart River and MacKenzie. Ed is a director on the MacKenzie board.

Dan Bunbury 2022

Dan Bunbury

Dan Bunbury represents District 8 on the AFREA Board as District Director for member REAs Beaver, Fenn, Kneehill, and Sterling. Dan is a director on the Beaver REA board. 


Marcel Berard 2022

Marcel Berard

Marcel Berard represents District 10 on the AFREA Board as District Director for member REAs Braes, Borradaile, Claysmore, Devonia, and Willingdon. Marcel is a director on the Borradaile REA board.

2022 CEO & STAFF

 Al Nagel - 2016  Al Nagel, CEO

Al Nagel spent 39 years with Canadian Utilities, Alberta Power, and ATCO Electric, working as a lineman, senior serviceman, assistant district manager, operations superintendant, and maintenance  superintendant. He held the position of operations administrative superintendant at Battle River REA for two years before joining the AFREA in 2008.                                                                                                     

 Len BoykoAAAAAFreAfeae 2012 CEO & STAFF  

http://www.afrea.ab.ca/filesaf/afrea/Len web site.jpg 

Todd Grayson 2016

Todd Grayson

Todd Grayson joined the AFREA in August 2015 bringing his industry experience and familiarity with REAs to the position of Technical Coordinator. One of his major job responsibilities includes the AFREA and REA insurance plan coordination.

Linda J. Pedley  - 2016

Linda Pedley

Linda Pedley has worked for the AFREA since 2008 as Business Management Coordinator. The Business Management System includes components such as Board Governmance, HR, Health & Safety, Business Continuty Management, strategic and business planning. 

placeholder - temporary female

Gillian White

Gillian White is the newest member of the AFREA Team who brings years of valuable experience with her. Gillian was hired (May 2022) as Executive Assistant with duties including job responsibilities under Office Administration and Program Administrator. Gillian is full time reporting directly to the CEO.

RETIREMENT NOTICE effective June 2022:

"Best wishes from the AFREA and your work family.

All the best for your upcoming retirement and good luck with future endeavors.

We will miss you but consider you a friend always." 

Janeth Mitchell -2016

Janeth Mitchell has worked for the AFREA in the position of Office Administrator since 2006. Jan was the project manager for many events and meetings over the years, including the AGM, Summer Session, Fall District Meetings, monthly board meetings, staff meetings, MLA receptions, and the Charity Golf Classic. Although she did not like to step up in front of the crowd, she was the face behind the Annual General Meeting project management including, planning and implementation, guest and speaker coordination, on-site office and reception. Annually, in coordination with the Gas Co-ops, Jan facilitated planning and co-management the day's activities for the annual Federation Charity Golf Classic. She was responsible for a multitude of other duties and tasks, too many to list. The AFREA Team will miss you! 
Valerie Lavorato - 2016

Valerie Lavorato has been with the AFREA since June 2013 when she came to the position of Program Coordinator. She could apply her years of experience with Rural Utilities in the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry & Rural Development to the AFREA job responsibilities. Val oversaw the Rural Electric Grant Program, which the AFREA has administered for the Alberta Government since 2013. Valerie also worked with the AFREA Team on the Annual General Meeting and Conference, overseeing the Trade Fair in the last few years. She was instrumental in collecting sponsor donations during COVID when the AFREA hosted the AGM online. Val participated in the Charity Classic on the AFREA golf team and assisted Jan in planning responsibilities. The AFREA Team will miss you (especially when keeping the staff meeting on track)!!


AFREA Logo What is the Alberta Federation of REAs?

The Alberta Federation of REAs (AFREA) is a not for profit cooperative association registered in the Province of Alberta operating under the Rural Utilities Act. The AFREA is managed by an elected Board of Directors and funded by its membership. The Alberta Union of REAs was formed in 1950 and incorporated under the "Co-operative Associations Act" in June 1970 as the Alberta Union of Rural Electrification Associations Co-operative Limited. In June 1987 the AFREA took on its current name. 

Rural Electrification Associations (REAs) were, and still are, an important part of Alberta's history, providing rural communities with support for their electricity needs and services.

The AFREA represents member REAs who provide rural power services throughout the Province of Alberta. The AFREA is committed to supporting the economic welfare and value of its cooperative members by providing professional representation to government and industry stakeholders promoting REAs and rural strength. As the umbrella organization, the AFREA sponsors workshops, facilitates networking opportunities, provides quality administrative services, and supports relationships that are economically beneficial to its member REAs. This cooperative strategy is designed to assist REAs in attaining necessary steps to self-sufficiency while recognizing opportunities within the marketplace for the provision of reliable and efficient services to their own members.  

The AFREA provides effective leadership in all areas of operation. It begins by listening to the member REAs in order to identify their needs and provide the tools for running their REA business. Although the goal is self-governance on an individual district level, the AFREA recognizes and appreciates the diversity within the membership and the necessity to facilitate cooperation. The AFREA, in representing its member REAs, seeks their participation and input on relevant issues and matters impacting all REAs.                              

Success for the AFREA is defined and measured by the success of our member REAs.